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Welcome to Smarttouch Cookware, your destination for high-quality and innovative induction cookware. Our cookware is designed to enhance your cooking experience with its clever features and exceptional performance. Explore our range of Smarttouch cookware and discover the perfect tools for your kitchen.

The manufacturing process

At Smarttouch Cookware, we use rolled multi-layered aluminium as the base for our cookware. It undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process that involves double spray coating with a non-stick film. The cookware is then baked in a kiln and cured at 400°C (EN 601 Standard), resulting in a durable, multi-layered surface. Our cookware is abrasion resistant, stain resistant, corrosion resistant, and capable of withstanding higher temperatures. It ensures even heat distribution, excellent thermal efficiency, and serves as the foundation of our exceptional cookware.

The GREBLON® non-stick coating

We are proud to use GREBLON® non-stick coating by WEILBURGER Coatings, a renowned name in industrial coatings since 1900. GREBLON® is known for its wide range of innovative non-stick coating systems. Whether you are an occasional cook or a professional chef, GREBLON® provides outstanding non-stick properties along with a highly durable finish. Our cookware is resistant to abrasion, staining, and corrosion. It is also 100% PFOA free and 100% APEO free, meeting stringent food regulatory requirements from the FDA to German codes.

Greblon adhesion

Adhesion to the carrier material.

Greblon non-stick

Non-stick characteristics.

Greblon corrosion protection

Corrosion protection.

Greblon stain resistance

Stain resistance.

Greblon temperature resistance

Temperature resistance.

Greblon hardness

Mechanical resistance, surface hardness, scratch resistance.

Greblon food safety

Guaranteed suitability for direct food contact.

Greblon variety

Different colour and gloss levels.

GREBLON® Coatings

Almost nothing sticks to Greblon®, Greblon® offer excellent adhesion to the substrate but without adhesion to foods. Greblon® coatings are specifically adaptable, temperature-resistant and high-performance, which give the material optimal function advantages, especially for use in high temperatures.

GREBLON® Coating Benefits:

  • Adhesion to the carrier material
  • Excellent non-stick characteristics
  • Corrosion protection
  • Stain resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Hardness for mechanical resistance, surface hardness, and scratch resistance
  • Guaranteed suitability for direct food contact
  • Variety of colors and gloss levels
Greblon PTFE coating
  • Excellent non-stick effect and easy to clean

  • Very good temperature resistance

  • High stability

  • High scratch resistance / abrasion resistance

  • High resistance to stains

  • Guaranteed to be free from PFOA

  • Guaranteed to be suitable for food contact

  • Excellent adhesion to all current substrates

Performance tested


To ensure the highest quality, all our GREBLON® coatings undergo rigorous performance tests. Our specially developed GREBLON® Performance Test combines ten different procedures, including non-stick, corrosion, and wear tests. This comprehensive test simulates everyday use and guarantees the durability and functionality of our cookware.

GREBLON® Performance Test

Additionally, we conduct corrosion tests to evaluate the resistance of our coatings. Exposing the cookware to aggressive substances such as vinegar, salt, tomatoes, and high heat helps us identify any weaknesses in the corrosion protection. Our thorough testing ensures that our cookware withstands these challenges and maintains its quality.

The Smarttouch cookware range

Deep pan & lid

Smarttouch Deep Pan & Lid with short and long handlesOut of stock

Deep Pan & Lid


Deep Pan & Lid: Elevate your culinary game with the Smarttouch Deep Pan and Smart Lid set. This 28cm cookware bundle is a must-have addition to your kitchen, offering versatility and innovative features. The set includes a deep pan, equipped with a smart lid featuring a convenient strain and pour feature for effortless liquid removal. The smart detachable handles are compatible with all Smarttouch cookware, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your cooking endeavors.

Please note: The burgundy models have since sold out however we now have a new blue variation available.

Griddle pan

Smarttouch Griddle pan Blue with long handleOut of stock

Griddle Pan


Introducing the Smarttouch Griddle Pan, a game-changer in your kitchen. Measuring 26cm, this pan is designed with raised non-stick (GREBLON) ridges, allowing you to achieve those mouthwatering grill marks on your favorite dishes. Experience efficient heat transmission and exceptional cooking performance with this versatile griddle pan. No need to worry about compatibility, as the Smarttouch cookware is suitable for all heat surfaces, making it a perfect fit for your kitchen. Whether you have a gas stove, electric cooktop, or induction burner, this griddle pan will deliver outstanding results. Plus, it’s oven-proof, allowing you to easily transition from stovetop to oven for added versatility.

Please note: The burgundy models have since sold out however we now have a new blue variation available.

Breakfast pan

Smarttouch Breakfast pan with long handleOut of stock

Breakfast Pan


Transform your breakfast routine with the Smarttouch Breakfast Pan. This 24cm pan is a must-have addition to your kitchen, offering exceptional features and quality craftsmanship. The pan boasts a premium GREBLON non-stick coating, ensuring effortless food release and easy cleanup. With its smart detachable handles, you can enjoy the convenience of compatibility with all Smarttouch cookware. These Red Dot award-winning handles provide a secure and comfortable grip. Not only is the Smarttouch Breakfast Pan suitable for all heat surfaces, but it is also oven-proof and induction friendly, offering versatile cooking options. What truly sets this pan apart is its raised flat warming lip, specifically designed to keep your food warm while you cook, providing a delightful and satisfying breakfast experience.

Smarttouch Cook ware (RW)

The Snaplock detachable / interchangeable handles

Smarttouch innovative and award-winning Bakelite detachable handles. The detachable handles provide a strong and sturdy grip when attached to the pan however are a snap to remove, by simply raising the lock-in latch.

Smarttouch interchangeable / detachable Snaplock handles
Smarttouch detachable handle long closed
Smarttouch detachable handle long open
Smarttouch detachable handle short closed
Smarttouch detachable handle short open
Detachable long handle on Griddle pan

Red Dot winner!

  • Awarded Red Dot winner in frypan design.

  • Judged by over 40 experts worldwide, representing 59 countries with 6,300 applicants.

Background, Smarttouch cook ware range
Smarttouch Smart lid for Deep Pan

The Smarttouch Smart lid

The innovation continues with Smarttouch Cook ware in the design of Smarttouch Smart lid, designed to work in conjunction with the Deep Pan. The Smarttouch Deep Pan features a cut-out area to allow for steam to escape, however only when the lid is rotated to allow for this, letting out steam safely when needed and keeping in when you don’t want it to escape.

The Smarttouch Smart lid also features teethed areas to allow for draining liquids from the pan, coupled with heat-resistant thumb placement grips to make securing the lid safer and easier when draining liquids. To make lifting the lid easier, a large, solid handle, with the same heat-resistant grip material used on the lid, is included.

With the Smarttouch Smart lid, you simply rotate the lid to fit your needs; aligning the desired section with the pans lip. We did say it was a Smart lid.

Smarttouch Deep Pan & Smart lid

Smarttouch, where Innovation meets quality

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