Smarttouch Smart induction cooker

Variable temperature (9 settings) 27cm induction cooktop.

Smart cooker

Introducing the Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker: A Compact and Powerful Kitchen Companion

The Smarttouch Smart induction cook top features and easy-dial with 9 temperature settings (60°C / 80°C / 90°C / 100°C / 120°C / 140°C / 160°C / 180°C / 200°C). With in vitro glass top and supporting up to 27cm (base) cook ware.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker. Unlock instant heat, precise temperature control, and effortless cooking, whether in your kitchen or on the go.

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker

Discover the Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker, a versatile and efficient solution for all your cooking needs. With its variable temperature settings and sleek design, this induction cooktop offers the perfect combination of power and control.

Experience the Speed and Precision: With magnetic conversion technology, our tightly wound conductive coils generate precise magnetic energy, ensuring even heating without cold or hot spots. Whether you’re cooking steak, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood, or garden greens, expect perfect results every time.

Ideal for Summer BBQs: Say goodbye to windy days and fire bans. The Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker doubles as a BBQ cooker, allowing you to grill your favorite dishes hassle-free.

Induction cook top, how they work

What is an induction cooktop?

Induction cooking revolutionizes traditional methods by using electrical induction to heat the cooking vessel directly, rather than relying on flames or electric heating elements. Magnetic currents ensure efficient and precise heating, eliminating the need for direct heat on the cooktop.

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker, silicone mat and Deep Pan & lid

Why the Smarttouch Smart induction cooker?

Enjoy the benefits of our compact, stylish, and powerful induction cooker. Designed with easy temperature control, it cooks meals faster than lower-wattage alternatives.

  • Robust cooktop surface

  • Compact & stylish: Round design 27cm

  • Easy temperature control

  • 9 temperature settings

  • Powerful: Fixed 2000 watts

Robust cooktop surface

Like the Ecoheat, the Smart induction cooker is made of toughened German in vitro laminated glass. This robust toughened cook top surface withstands those unexpected knocks and bumps so often encountered when travelling.

Smarttouch Cook ware (R)

Easy dial quick set temperature control

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker looks so stylish due to the minimalist design aesthetic, however no compromise has been made to the functionality of the unit for the user. Introducing the Easy dial quick set for temperature control, featuring 9 temperature settings (60°C / 80°C / 90°C / 100°C / 120°C / 140°C / 160°C / 180°C / 200°C).

Powerful little induction

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker uses a fixed 2000 watts so it has more grunt than lower wattage counterparts and can also tolerate cooking at higher temperatures, with settings allowing cooking above 200°C. Cook faster, cook hotter with the Smarttouch Smart induction cooker.

Things you will love about Ecoheat Smarttouch induction

Easy Dial Quick Set Temperature Control: Our minimalist design aesthetic doesn’t compromise functionality. The Easy Dial allows for quick and precise temperature adjustments, featuring 9 temperature settings ranging from 60°C to 200°C.


Powerful Performance: The Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker operates at a fixed 2000 watts, providing superior power compared to lower-wattage models. You can cook faster and hotter, expanding your culinary possibilities.


Discover the Joys of Smarttouch Smart Induction: Instant Heat: Enjoy the convenience of faster cooking compared to gas or electric options.


Even Heat Distribution: Our induction cooker ensures uniform heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked meals without any hot or cold spots.


Easy Temperature Control: Families love the preset temperature settings and the simplicity of the Easy Dial, ensuring every meal is cooked to perfection.


Easy Cleaning: Thanks to the induction cooktop’s low heat generation, cleaning is a breeze. A quick swipe of a sponge is all it takes to remove splatters or spills.

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker, top view

Smart induction cooker & accessories

Smarttouch Smart induction

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker (Black)

Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker


Discover the Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop, a game-changer for your kitchen and RV. Experience unparalleled speed, precise temperature control, and a cool surface. Its sleek and compact design, variable wattages, and temperature settings make it perfect for home and portable use. Crafted with a robust cooktop surface, flexible power options, and a built-in BBQ function, Ecoheat stands out from the rest. Enjoy instant heat, even heat distribution, and easy cleaning. Upgrade your cooking adventures with Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop.

Please note: The white models have since sold out however we now have a new black variation available.

Smart travel bag

Smarttouch Smart padded bag

Smart Induction Cooker Bag


Introducing the Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker Bag, your ultimate travel companion. This padded bag offers unrivaled protection for your cooker during transit, with strong double-stitching and UV treatment for outdoor durability. Safeguard your Smarttouch Smart induction cooker from dings and scratches, making it perfect for portable use. Get your hands on this essential accessory and travel with confidence. Order now and ensure the safety of your induction cooker wherever you go.

Non-slip silicone mat

Non-slip silicone mat (rough side)

Non-slip Silicone Mat


Enhance your cooking experience with the Non-slip Silicone Mat. This essential accessory ensures stability and protection for your induction-friendly pots on in vitro glass induction cooktops. Its innovative design prevents slipping and scratching, providing a secure cooking environment. Made from high-quality oven-grade silicone, the mat withstands heat and guarantees durability. Simply place it on your cooktop, shiny side down and rough side up, and rest your pots on top for worry-free cooking. Compatible with in vitro glass induction cooktops only. Elevate your cooking game and order your Non-slip Silicone Mat now.

Smarttouch Cook ware (RW)
Smarttouch Smart induction cooker box

Handy hints

Determining Induction-Friendly Cookware: Perform the “magnetic” test by placing a magnet on the base of your cookware. If it sticks, it is suitable for induction use. Cookware purchased within the past 10 years is most likely compatible.

Always Use Induction-Compatible Cookware: To maximize your cooking experience, ensure your cookware is designed for induction cooking.

“Generally speaking – If a fridge magnet sticks to the base of your cook ware, it’s induction friendly. Cook ware purchased within the past 10 years is most likely induction friendly.”

Always use induction compatible cook ware.