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Deep Pan & Lid: Elevate your culinary game with the Smarttouch Deep Pan and Smart Lid set. This 28cm cookware bundle is a must-have addition to your kitchen, offering versatility and innovative features. The set includes a deep pan, equipped with a smart lid featuring a convenient strain and pour feature for effortless liquid removal. The smart detachable handles are compatible with all Smarttouch cookware, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your cooking endeavors.

Please note: The burgundy models have since sold out however we now have a new blue variation available.

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Smarttouch Quality Cook ware

The manufacturing process

Smarttouch Cook ware uses rolled multi-layered alumina as its base, this is then spray coated twice with non-stick film, baked in kiln and cured at 400°C (EN 601 Standard) to produce a durable, multi-layered, abrasion resistant, stain resistant, corrosion resistant, non-stick surface, capable of withstanding higher temperatures whilst still providing even heat distribution, excellent thermal efficiency and is the foundation of our cook ware.

Greblon PTFE coating
Icon - Non-stick coating

The GREBLON® non-stick coating

Crafted with excellence in mind, the non-stick (GREBLON) pan is not only oven proof but also induction friendly, making it suitable for all heat surfaces. Prepare your favorite dishes with confidence, knowing that the Smarttouch Deep Pan delivers exceptional performance in any kitchen setting.

Icon - Detachable / interchangeable handles

The Snaplock detachable / interchangeable handles

The detachable handles, renowned for their outstanding design, have earned the prestigious Red Dot Design award. They provide a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing your cooking experience.

Icon - Innovative designs

The Smarttouch Smart lid

The innovation continues with Smarttouch Cook ware in the design of Smarttouch Smart lid, designed to work in conjunction with the Deep Pan. The Smarttouch Deep Pan features a cut-out area to allow for steam to escape, however only when the lid is rotated to allow for this, letting out steam safely when needed and keeping in when you don’t want it to escape.

The Smarttouch Smart lid also features teethed areas to allow for draining liquids from the pan, coupled with heat-resistant thumb placement grips to make securing the lid safer and easier when draining liquids. To make lifting the lid easier, a large, solid handle, with the same heat-resistant grip material used on the lid, is included.

Invest in the Smarttouch Deep Pan & Lid set today and unlock a new level of cooking excellence. Experience the outstanding quality and innovative features of Smarttouch Cookware that are designed to enhance your culinary creations. Add this versatile and durable cookware to your cart now and enjoy the art of cooking like never before.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 12 cm
Unit dimensions

28 cm


2x Smarttouch interchangeable short handle (pair), Instruction Manual, Smarttouch Deep Pan with Smart Lid 28cm


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