Induction cook top

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Smarttouch Smart induction cooker (Black)

Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker


Discover the Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop, a game-changer for your kitchen and RV. Experience unparalleled speed, precise temperature control, and a cool surface. Its sleek and compact design, variable wattages, and temperature settings make it perfect for home and portable use. Crafted with a robust cooktop surface, flexible power options, and a built-in BBQ function, Ecoheat stands out from the rest. Enjoy instant heat, even heat distribution, and easy cleaning. Upgrade your cooking adventures with Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop.

Please note: The white models have since sold out however we now have a new black variation available.

Non-slip silicone mat (rough side)

Non-slip Silicone Mat


Enhance your cooking experience with the Non-slip Silicone Mat. This essential accessory ensures stability and protection for your induction-friendly pots on in vitro glass induction cooktops. Its innovative design prevents slipping and scratching, providing a secure cooking environment. Made from high-quality oven-grade silicone, the mat withstands heat and guarantees durability. Simply place it on your cooktop, shiny side down and rough side up, and rest your pots on top for worry-free cooking. Compatible with in vitro glass induction cooktops only. Elevate your cooking game and order your Non-slip Silicone Mat now.