Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker


Discover the Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop, a game-changer for your kitchen and RV. Experience unparalleled speed, precise temperature control, and a cool surface. Its sleek and compact design, variable wattages, and temperature settings make it perfect for home and portable use. Crafted with a robust cooktop surface, flexible power options, and a built-in BBQ function, Ecoheat stands out from the rest. Enjoy instant heat, even heat distribution, and easy cleaning. Upgrade your cooking adventures with Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop.

Please note: The white models have since sold out however we now have a new black variation available.

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Smarttouch Smart induction cook top

Variable temperature (9 settings) 27cm induction cook top.


The speed, the power, the easy temperature control. The Smarttouch Smart induction cooktop is a powerful and compact induction cooker.

The Smarttouch Smart induction cook top features and easy-dial with 9 temperature settings (60°C / 80°C / 90°C / 100°C / 120°C / 140°C / 160°C / 180°C / 200°C). With in vitro glass top and supporting up to 27cm (base) cook ware.

Smarttouch Smart induction cooker, top view
Smarttouch Smart induction cooker (Black)
Smarttouch Smart Induction Black, round (box)


Robust cooktop surface:

Made with In Vitro glass.

Fixed wattage:

2000 watts fixed draw means more power, faster cooking and higher temperatures than other portable induction cook tops.

Flexible temperature options:

9 temperature settings (60°C / 80°C / 90°C / 100°C / 120°C / 140°C / 160°C / 180°C / 200°C).

Easy dial quick set controls:

Easily and quickly set your temperature with the quick set dial.


At only 27cm x 27cm x 8cm.


Instant heat:

Ecoheat cooks food twice as fast as gas and three times quicker than electricity.

Even heat distribution:

Ecoheat cooks food evenly, no hot or cold spots, no matter what the conditions, indoors or outdoors.


Small bench top footprint with a stylish round white design.

Suitable for home and RV:

Useable on mains power as well as 3000 watt pure sine wave inverters or a 2kva generator.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 36.5 × 13.5 cm
Unit dimensions

27 x 27 x 8 cm


Instruction Manual, Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker


2 years