Non-slip Silicone Mat


Enhance your cooking experience with the Non-slip Silicone Mat. This essential accessory ensures stability and protection for your induction-friendly pots on in vitro glass induction cooktops. Its innovative design prevents slipping and scratching, providing a secure cooking environment. Made from high-quality oven-grade silicone, the mat withstands heat and guarantees durability. Simply place it on your cooktop, shiny side down and rough side up, and rest your pots on top for worry-free cooking. Compatible with in vitro glass induction cooktops only. Elevate your cooking game and order your Non-slip Silicone Mat now.

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Non-slip silicone mat

For induction cooktops and induction cookware.

Non-slip silicone mat

Prevent your pots from sliding around on in vitro glass induction cook tops.

The silicone mat is designed to be used in between an in vitro glass induction cook top and your induction-friendly cook ware (to be used with in-vitro glass induction cook tops only, not to be used with ceramic glass cook tops).

Simply place the mat (shiny side down / rough side up) on your induction cook top and then put your induction-friendly pots on top.

The mat will not melt with induction heating and is made from oven-grade silicone so it can also tolerate the heat of the pot as you cook, all whilst preventing slipping and scratching – a perfect accessory for anyone using portable in vitro glass induction cook tops.

Smarttouch induction friendly cook ware and cook tops

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Non-slip round silicone mat for induction cook ware


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