Smart Induction Cooker Bag


Introducing the Smarttouch Smart Induction Cooker Bag, your ultimate travel companion. This padded bag offers unrivaled protection for your cooker during transit, with strong double-stitching and UV treatment for outdoor durability. Safeguard your Smarttouch Smart induction cooker from dings and scratches, making it perfect for portable use. Get your hands on this essential accessory and travel with confidence. Order now and ensure the safety of your induction cooker wherever you go.

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Smart Induction Cooker Bag

Protective bag for the Smarttouch Smart induction cooker.


Smarttouch Smart travel bag: Padded, with double-stitching, zippered and UV treated for better durability outdoors.

Protective padded bag for the Smarttouch Smart induction cooker. Keep your unit safe from dings and scratches, particularly useful if you are using the Smarttouch Smart induction cooker as a portable induction cook top.

Smarttouch Smart padded bag

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30 x 30 x 9 cm


Smarttouch round padded bag


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